Vector Digitals is one of the leading IT companies in Dubai that offers excellent services and products ranging from Servers, Workstations, Mini PCs, Laptops, CCTVs, Video Conferencing systems, and many others. We are well-known for the delivery of advanced IT and Telecom Technology equipment and also technical resources. Vector Digitals has a huge client base which it supplies with IT solutions required in their businesses. Our services are highly valuable in achieving communication success in business.



For the best Mini PCs in the market, partner with Vector Digitals, a well-known company that is highly committed to delivering the best IT support to businesses. Whether you are looking for a Mini PC to cater for your entertainment needs or one to meet your business needs such as advertising, Vector Digitals has the best solution for you! Our Mini PCs come in minimalistic, simple designs that have been primed to save space on your working desk. Even better, our Mini PCs are equipped with powerful processors that help you multitask efficiently throughout the day.



Vector Digitals boasts of a goal-oriented team whose main objective is to meet varying communication needs of its clients. Technology is a key element towards business success in this digital era, and that being our specialty, we give our customers the best IT support. Through the provision of professional technology consultation and support, we help many clients in both the private and government sector achieve strategic and operational goals. Corporate culture of working with clients to develop and implement innovative technology solutions is the basis of our success.

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